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"Love this magical moon lamp, just like a real moon in my home. It brings me and my baby quietness and peace at night. Thank you for developing such a great 

product!" - Kate l.

1 in 4 People Experience Anxiety Every Day

Lunar Moon™️ can help.

You’ve only ever dreamed of touching the moon…now indulge yourself with the soothing glow of our photo-realistic moon light. The LED light adjusts from soft white to yellow, creating the perfect ambiance for a relaxing night or a romantic date. Moonstruck, anyone?

Hear From Happy Paws™ Users


Everybody loves my moon my son adores his and put it on his desk for work for inspiration are use mine as a night light I am for meditation at night my daughter didn’t get hers yet but I can’t wait to give it to her I’m saving it for her for Easter and waiting for some chakra chimes

Pamela G.

So Good I Bought Two!

These are the coolest little things around! I bought two, but am going back to buy more for gifts. So portable, adorable, CHARGEABLE (brilliant!). I love mine! Best purchase I have made in a while.

Anne F.

Amazing Invention!

I truly love my Moon light.It's a Christmas present for my boyfriend.I charged it to see how it works and it's beautiful.Thank you 🤗😊

Manuela V.

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